Action/Adventure · Drama/Romance · Horror

April Apocalypse


IMDb Source

Part horror, part teen comedy, part romance. Artie is a teen that finally works up the courage to proclaim his life for April, when she decides to move away. After deciding to track her down, the movie sidetracks right into…..a zombie apocalypse. This movie is probably one of those watch once and forget about it later, but it wasn’t really all that bad. It’s not until the last 5-10 minutes do you get the answer to the question “Does he get the girl”

Typical zombie action, some minor cgi blood, and some laugh out loud moments; especially coming from Artie’s stoner friend, the priest/zombie slayer they come across, and “the annoying girl” from school.

My scores:
Language: 2/10
Nudity: 0/10
Gore: 1.5/1 (little bit of blood but that cgi only warrants an extra half point)
Characters in the story you really want to punch: 2/10
Should you watch this movie?: 4/10

Give it a shot, and just accept the movie for what it is.

Official movie trailer

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