Dark Angel (AKA I come in peace)

IMDb source

A little story about cops, an alien cop, drug dealers, and an alien drug dealer wielding a gun that shoots cds.

Dolph Lundgren and Brian Benben team up to take down an alien that is creating drugs from the endorphins of humans. This film has a decent amount of action, and practical special effects…. did I mention the drug dealing alien has a gun that shoots cds? I saw this years ago and that’s really the only part I initially remembered.

With flying discs, alien drugs, and quotes such as “I come in peace….. well you go in pieces asshole” and “what school did you go to?…. I went to the university of suck my dick!!” You know you can’t go wrong with this gem from the early 90’s.

My scores:
Action/explosions: 4/10
Buddy cop cliches: 5/10
Language 2/10
Gratuitous nudity: 1/10 (Random strip club scene)
Badass gun that shoots cds: 10/10
Should you watch this movie?: 6/10


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