Myself, this page, and its contents

I have been a movie buff since I was a kid. Recently retired at the age of 42; I spend a lot of time watching as many movies as I can come across. Recently, I’ve come to realize that I’ve missed out of watching many of the classics that every person usually has seen more than once; and on the flip side; I’ve watched a lot of virtually unknown or cult classics that easily get overlooked. I’ve also seen my share of B-movie bombs. So, starting today I’m going to watch movies that I have missed, re-watch everything I’ve already seen, and discuss the finer and not-so-fine points of each of the films. I know there are a ton of movie review blogs out there, but what sets me apart is the fact that I will watch virtually any movie’ not just a certain genres; although, I do watch my share of horror and sci-fi. I’ll be honest though, it pains me to watch musicals’ so I may leave those to the bloggers that specialize in that genre.

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