Action/Adventure · Sci-fi

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


IMDb Source

One of my favorite modern sci-fi films; Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, and the late great Bill Paxton; is essentially Groundhog’s day (The movie that set the standard for repeating a day over and over), and every other alien invasion story. Cruise’s character gets thrown onto the battlefield against his will and ends up sacrificing himself to kill an alien attacker which in turn coats him in blood enabling him to relive the day again. Upon awakening at the start of the day (Again) he must figure out a way to stop the alien invasion and save the planet; the downside being he has to die each and every day in order for the day to reset. The ending may or may not leave the viewer confused as to what’s going on; but rest assured a sequel is coming that I’m sure will tidy everything up sooner or later

The scores:
Language: 1/10
Nudity: 0/10
The joy of watching Tom Cruise’s character die repeatedly 10/10
Should you watch?: 8/10

Official Trailer

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