Faces of death (1978)


IMDb Source

Late 70’s death footage documentary depicting various rituals involving killing of animals, tribal rituals, cult rituals, suicide, etc. I’m fairly certain most if not all of the scenes were staged. Upon some researching it was verified that most were staged or reinacted. I’m fairly de-sensitized, but if your squeamish about the slaughter of animals (Even those were staged) this may not be the movie for you. During the late 70’s this may have been shocking or deemed inappropriate; but it really doesn’t hold up to what’s readily available online to view.

Movie score:
Blood/gore: 5/10 (Some footage take from news reports are real)
Language: 0/10
Nudity: 0/10 (Unless you count corpses)
Willpower needed to get through the movie with the monotone narrator: 7/10
Need to watch this movie?: 1/10

I know some of the later editions of this series gets better (Or worse depending on perspective), so I’ll just recommend skipping to a later sequel

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