Society (1989)


Synopsis: A Beverly Hills teen discovers his parents are part of a gruesome orgy cult for the social elite.

My review: lets assume that most readers have consumed alcohol, or have experienced some type of drug (Legal of course), that has altered their perception before. Now, picture indulging in whatever mind altering choice you’ve made and waiting for it to kick in…..and waiting a little more….. until finally you’re wondering if it’s just not working well and you decide to call it a night; when suddenly it just hits you in full force for 20 minutes and then it quickly wears off and you’re left hungover, worn out or drained from the experience. This is the best analogy I could think of for this movie.

The first hour and 15 minutes you’re just stringing along thinking how odd the movie is or laughing at the 80’s attempt at humor; when suddenly it shifts gears at the end and becomes a whole lot of makeup, practical effects and a lot of mental reasoning to explain what exactly is going on. I won’t spoil anything for those that want to watch and haven’t yet, but I’m going to include some photos so you have something to look forward to.

My score:
Language: 2/10
Nudity: 2/10 (Couple of bare breasts scenes)
The required amount of alcohol or drugs (Legal of course) to get through the movie: 5/10
Should you watch? Just for the final sequence of the movie I’m giving it a 4/10….and here’s why


Think I dated her

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